10 Most Luxurious Autos You’d Never Guess Were Hybrids

We live in an age where the majority of us claim to be environmentally conscious. This awareness, coupled with rising gas prices, means there are few car owners who wouldn't feel a touch guilty tanking up on gas and jumping in their cars — especially for a local journey. And yet the auto industry already has an answer to these woes. The hybrid car, which works by using two or more power sources (a conventional gasoline motor coupled with electric batteries, for instance) is a far more efficient alternative to the traditional car and a good way to assuage some of that eco-guilt. But don't go thinking that an environmentally friendly set of wheels means compromising on performance and style. Right here we've got 10 super-slick autos that also just happen to be hybrids. We guarantee that owning one of these beauties will leave you feeling all kinds of smug...

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