10 Small Animals That Can Make Great Pets

When we think about getting a new pet, sometimes it’s easy to default to traditional dogs and cats. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Both can make for incredibly lovable companions (I’m a cat person myself). But what if you don’t have the room for a dog to play or a cat to roam? What if they’re just not your thing? Or what if you want to get a smaller pet for your child’s first pet?
Fortunately there are many small animals that can make great pets — some that are even surprising. Today let’s look at ten examples. I’ve left out fish and reptiles (although they can make fine pets as well). I did that because there are so many varieties commonly available that they would be worthy of a separate list altogether. Let’s focus instead on some furry little friends and two varieties of small birds that you might want to welcome into your home.
Here are ten examples of small animals that can make great pets.