Common Disadvantages of Wind Energy Debunked

The disadvantages of wind energy are both perceived and real. Some of the early fears about wind energy have been proven to be false, but other, potentially larger issues are still being studied. Here are some of the concerns.
Wildlife organizations and anti-wind energy groups were fearful of the effect wind towers would have on bird populations. The big, tall wind towers, with their powerful turbines and long blades at the top, were seen as a thread to birds. In cities, many birds are killed when they fly into tall buildings. The problem is not that the building itself is invisible or that a bird is unable navigate.
The true hazards are windows and huge expanses of glass. At certain times of the day, the position of the sun makes a bird see its reflection in the glass or see the glass as an open space. Thus, birds fly at full speed into a sheet of glass and then fall to the ground. We know that this is a problem and many tall buildings today use graphics or other methods to present expanses of glass as a substance that birds will see and avoid.