Could Alternative Cures for Cancer Really Work?

Cancer is possibly the ugliest disease known to man. It can be benign and completely non-fatal or it can be malignant and bring with it a potential death sentence. Many are baffled by why it starts, how it works and how to best treat it. People who should contract it through smoking 100 cigarettes a day sometimes survive, while others who smoke just one cigarette a day don’t fare as well. One of the reasons it is so scary is that it seems completely random in regards to who it attacks.
Modern cancer cures generally rely on destroying the cancer cells through the use of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and traditional drug therapy. Many of these aim to cleanse the body of the cancer while limiting the damage to the surrounding tissue.
However, alternative therapy advocates see these cures as being poisonous to the human body and are therefore seeking other ways to cure this horrible disease. Some of them seem to have had some success.

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