Crossing Over: Showcase of Inspired Bridge Photography

Both architecturally and metaphorically speaking, bridges are such amazing structures. Representing an unstoppable desire to move forward and crossover what gaps lay before us, they stand as sturdy testaments to our ability to solve problems. Also demonstrating our resolve to create shortcuts where needed. So they can stand for so much, as they cross over whatever impassable (or passable) terrain lay below them. This could be why they are so often featured or the focus of photographs.
Bridge photography is such a vibrant and breathtaking area of this art, and not just because of the underlying metaphors that can so easily be written in the words spoken by the picture. But also because of the marvelous structures themselves. These earth and metal made installations do much more than allow us access from point A to point B, they inspire and connect us. Which is what we are hoping they will do for you today. Below is a showcase of inspired bridge photography that is sure to get your creative gears turning.
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