Groundhog Day: The Weather-Predicting Woodchuck!

Although the groundhog is also called a "woodchuck," its scientific name is Marmota monax. In general, marmots are ground squirrels, living in burrows rather than trees. The marmots are related to tree squirrels, and all these animals are classed as rodents.
How Would You Describe a Groundhog?
A groundhog is one of the largest varieties of marmot. It may weigh over 13 Kg (30 pounds) just before going into hibernation, and can grow to about 60 cm in length.
It is covered with rather coarse fur, usually dark brown on its back and lighter chestnut or orange-brown underneath. Some even have grizzled, lighter hairs mixed into their fur.
Groundhogs look compact, thick or broad; this contrasts with slimmer tree-dwelling squirrels or prairie dogs.