Marrakesh Morocco As ‘Assembly Of The Dead’ Or ‘Meeting Place At End Of The World’

 Marrakesh Morocco is the lively former capital of Morocco, famed for its markets and festivals, hippies and criminals, devout and destitute, debauched and intellectual – it is a study in dichotomies.
Marrakesh Morocco
Surrounded by 9.7 km (6 mi) of unbroken walls, Marrakesh Morocco is punctuated by towers and battlements, which cast shadows across the rich, red soil that reflects a peachy red in the sunlight, deepening to crimson as the day passes. As you wander down the crowded, maze-like, colourful broad avenues you will pass crumbling architectural treasures, donkeys and mules carrying produce, wood and weaving workshops, steam-billowing hammams, ancient mosques and shiny modern hotels.