The Most Impressive Glacier In Perito Moreno Argentina

Patagonia encapsulates many things: vast wildflower-strewn valleys, daunting snow capped craggy Andean peaks, gorgeous lakes surrounded by lush pine-dotted emerald hillsides and dramatic glacial environments – most notably in the Los Glaciares National Park.
Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1981, the park holds many glaciers that belong (or used to belong) to southern Pantagonia’s ice cap. Among them, the most impressive is the Perito Moreno Argentina glacier, one of the few in Argentina that is not retreating.
Perito Moreno Argentina
The small town of El Calafate, where the Santa Cruz plateau meets the Andes, is the gateway to the Perito Moreno Argentina glacier. The western end of the Lago Argentino gives access to the glacier, which periodically advances across the lake, blocking it until the weight of water upstream ruptures the ice in one of nature’s most spectacular events.