Przewalski’s Horse: A Story of Survival

Also known as the Takhi or the Mongolian wild horse, the Przewalski’s horse is the last true species of wild horse on Earth. Native of the steppes of China and Mongolia, the species once thrived in a territory extending over Central Asia and parts of Europe (from Russia to Germany). Despite its uniqueness, the Przewalski’s horse is endangered, with only 1,500 individuals remaining today, most of those in captivity. Yet researchers all over the world have tried their best to save this beautiful horse.
There are many wild horses running wild even today; we are all familiar with mustangs, for example – but they are simply the offspring of domesticated animals. In contrast, the Przewalski’s horse was always a wild animal, and so it has remained to this day. (One possible explanation for the incompatibility of this wild horse with the life of a domesticated animal is the fact that it has two chromosomes more than the horses with which we are more familiar.)

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