Waste Dump to Eco Living: Innovative Architectural Solutions

“Rag Flats” in Philadelphia is an awesome example of how a rundown industrial site can be turned into innovative eco-friendly living spaces.  The experimental development explores the link between local urban dwelling and the need for greater energy efficiency and sustainability.
Onion Flats, the Philadelphia firm of architects responsible for the project, set out to establish a creative residential complex from an abandoned rag factory – used as a waste dump for 10 years – in Fishtown.  And as a result, Rag Flats has brought the residents of south Philadelphia and Fishtown together in a vibrant urban community.
Among other innovations, Rag Flats features:
Green roof gardens
Earth-friendly flooring
An indivisually metered, 32KW photovoltaic panel system
A 6,000 gallon cistern to store rainwater
In addition, varying apartment sizes reflect the development’s consideration of density, intimacy and privacy for those living within.