The Weird World of Animal Mating

Every year Valentine’s Day comes around, and while we humans do strange things to draw the attention of a mate, animals will also be searching for love (or maybe even just a good time!). Many of these animals will realize their amorous goals, but others, as we will see, might be better off steering clear of romance...
Cupid, the Roman god of desire, was often represented as having a twisted sense of humor, something which could also be said of the strange mating habits of certain animals. While Cupid shoots his arrow at unsuspecting lovers, garden snails literally throw 'love darts' in their mating rituals. These hermaphroditic lovers will circle each other for hours in a ritualistic duel, with the winner eventually scoring a direct hit with one of these calcite spines. These allow almost twice as much of 'his' sperm to survive inside the recipient, increasing the chances of passing on the genes.