Yerevan Armenia Is A Comfortable Place To Visit

As the capital of a country that wears its history on its sleeve, Yerevan Armenia has comparatively little to show. It sprawls in the fertile valley below Mount Ararat (looming snow-capped across the Turkish border), and looks reasonably enticing when it catches the evening sun. the realit is haphazard and ramshackle.
Yerevan Armenia
Yerevan Armenia has existed since the Urartian heyday of 780 BC as a strategically important crossroads on the caravan routes between Europe and India. Rich in resources and culturally sophisticated, it has been a target for Roman, Persian, Arab, Mongolian and Turkish invaders. Their legendary contributions to the city were systematically torn down under Russian Tsarist rule, but the real changes came under USSR. After 1921, Yerevan was transformed into an industrial metropolis, and ‘re-designed’ according to an arrangement that ignored almost, everything of historic or aesthetic importance. Churches, mosque, the Persian Fortress, the 16th century baths, the bazaars and caravanserais were demolished in favour of concrete blocks of various dimensions, draped with tangled telephone and other wires.