15 Must Try Street Foods in Latin America

Before travelling to South America, I read at least half dozen reports advising against eating street food. This little snippet of information escaped my memory in just my second week of travelling. I found myself in the run-down and dusty village of Quijarro on the border of Brazil and Bolivia, and the smell of soup that steamed the air was just too tempting not to try – and it looked delicious too.
It was only when I was half way through slurping up hefty chunks of vegetables and chicken broth that the sound-bites of travel advice came flooding back to me – and I was suddenly concerned what water had been used. Ahead of a 16 hour train journey, known colloquially as “The Death Train,” I was naturally concerned for my guts and potentially embarrassing bowel movements. As it turned out, I had no need to worry – and neither do you! Eating street food in Latin America is mostly safe and a very enjoyable experience, not just for the delicious flavours, but because of the local people you meet along the way. So here are my top 15 best cheap street platters you should try whilst travelling around Latin America on a budget.

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