6 Ways to Make Your Italian Vacation More Interesting

Ask just about anyone what places you should see on a trip to Italy and you’re likely to get a similar reply from most of them – Venice, Florence, and Rome. This is something of a “holy trinity” when it comes to Italy, and each place is absolutely worth having on an Italy itinerary – especially if you’ve never been before. But try to show off your vacation photos to family and friends and you may just hear things like “I have that exact same picture!”
Following in the footsteps of every traveler who’s gone to Italy before you isn’t exactly what most of us want to feel like we’re doing when we see Rome or Venice for the first time. Sure, we know we’re not the first people to lay our eyes on the Colosseum – but it feels new and magical to us, so it would be gratifying if the people who are listening to your travel tales felt like it was new and magical, too.
One way to make this happen is to explore parts of Italy that most people don’t visit, or to focus on a particular element of the country. These help distinguish your trip from your neighbor’s, both in your mind and his, and can also give you a window into an element of the culture you might otherwise miss. Here are six ways to approach a vacation in Italy that aren’t your standard “holy trinity” one-week tour

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