Exploring Hawaii’s Volcanoes

You are lucky enough to find yourself staring out at miles of crystal blue water from the warmth and comfort of your chaise lounge on the beach; the soft tumble of the waves lulling you into a dreamlike state. This is Hawaii, and you’re experiencing what millions come to enjoy on an annual basis. Few who have found themselves in a similar situation, however, stop to wonder how it is that this magical place has risen up out of the depths of the Pacific Ocean over the last 70 million years. Without the volcanoes that make up this island chain, the buzzing culture, historical significance, and picturesque tropical landscapes evade us. The famous Hawaii cones are a sight to behold, and for the motivated island hopper, it’s the perfect way to take in a tremendous amount of this Pacific paradise. Here are some must-see volcanic spectacles that will give you a further appreciation of everything else that Hawaii offers.

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