Trashy Fashion: Gorgeous Garments Made From Garbage

It's springtime, and what woman's fancy doesn't turn to dressing up in pretty clothes? But would you be willing to wear a dress made of garbage bags, soda cans or even – heaven forbid – toilet paper? Well, thanks to some bold, forward-thinking fashion designers, clothes made from these materials are just a stitch away.
According to statistics, the average American household throws away roughly 70 pounds of clothing each year, which makes up about 3% of our household waste. Sadly, nearly all that material just winds up in landfills. And when considered in view of the 1,460 pounds of trash the average American throws away in total each year, that's an awful lot of garbage that's going to waste. Still, as you'll see in the following pictures, where some people see trash, others see a whole new wardrobe.

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