6 Ways to Experience Nepal in Pokhara

Tourism in Nepal is mainly fueled by trekkers who flock to the Himalayas with sights set on climbing the most famous peaks in the world, namely Mt Everest. A traditional route to Everest leads you through Kathmandu and on to Lukla and Sagarmatha National Park on the eastern side of the country. The Annapurna Mountains sit off to the west of Kathmandu, with their base for trekking being the city of Pokhara. Though most travelers use Pokhara only as a jumping off point for their treks, Pokhara is a destination in and of itself.
Either a short flight or a six-hour bus ride from the capital, Pokhara is the polar opposite of Kathmandu. Here, there is little traffic congestion. The air is clear and the mountains are green. And though there may not be an abundance of important religious sites, Pokhara is a must have experience for all those searching for calm in Nepal.
In order to get a full dose of calmness, here are a few ideas to get the most out of your time in this lakeside city.

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