Cool Ways to Recycle Old Clothing

When doing your spring cleaning, you may decide to throw out all of your dingy t-shirts, those shoes covered in holes, and jeans with worn out knees. You may have thought about donating them had they been in better shape, but who would want them besides the garbage dump? A fair question, but the more important one to ask is: what kind of environmental price do we all pay for throwing clothes in the garbage?
The answer is: more than you might imagine. Fortunately, companies around the world have begun to hire the brightest minds, including online university graduates, to help re-design their clothing with the environment in mind. These companies are reducing their impact on the world after the fashion trends end, and there are ways you can help recycle old clothing, too.
Companies have been making leaps and bounds in an effort to 'go green'. The Dutch shoe company OAT, for example, features shoes made of canvas and cork that are biodegradable. But that's not the cool part; what makes their biodegradable shoes really special are the seeds inside. Once the shoes wear out, they can be planted, and will eventually grow into trees. Thus, instead of sending them to a landfill, you can plant the shoe in your garden. How green is that!

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