The Deepest Indoor Diving Pool in the World

Deep divers are always after a unique experience. But how about one that is an engineering marvel, a recreational hotspot for both newbies and pros, and a great place to meet for lunch, all rolled into one? That could only be Nemo 33, the deepest indoor diving pool in the world.
What is diving, you ask, without the natural world around you? At Nemo 33 it is a totally unique journey through pools, caves and deep pits, where you can escape daily stresses, practice your skills or get certified by diving through filtered spring water maintained at a constant and comfy 30 degrees C. (86 F.). The combination of natural and artificial light and warm, clear water creates a blue and calming atmosphere, where you can fly from platform to ledge, jet through tunnels and dive in deep seclusion. Nemo 33’s deepest pool is a 34.5-meter (113-ft) inverted tower, connected to a second pit by three caves 10 meters (32.8 ft) down containing bells of constantly renewed pressurized air.

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