Dramatic Black and White Cityscapes at Night

Martin Stavars was born in 1981 in Czestochowa, Poland. He studied economics, computer science and photography, ultimately focusing on the latter.
He specializes in black and white cityscapes, landscapes and night photography. He and his camera have visited more than 20 countries, with Asia holding the key spot with the most visits and inspirations.
His work has been recognized in numerous international competitions – he has been named the ‘Architecture Photographer of the Year’ at the International Photography Awards in New York, and received the ‘Grand Prix’ at the Image International in Canada and Hei Ming Prize in Tokyo. He has also won the first prizes in the 2008, 2009, and 2011 at the International Photography Awards in New York.
Martin is also the managing editor of ND Magazine (www.nd-magazine.com). His work is truly incredible and I urge you to check out his wonderful portfolio on his personal website as well as Behance. You can also find him on Facebook where he frequently posts his incredible work.
Black and white – Cityscape – Night photography. What a beautiful combination! And one that Martin has not only mastered, but gracefully shared with us all.

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