Top 10 Dog Breeds for Dog Lovers with Allergies

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, about 10 percent of Americans are allergic to dogs.  Common allergies associated with canines include dander, hair, or a combination of both.  Usually allergic reactions are quite mild, resulting in sneezing and itchy eyes, but others can experience asthma attacks and even constricted breathing.
But let’s face it – dogs are great to have around, most of them are quite cute, and they’re always the perfect addition to any home, so many people simply deal with the itchy eyes and the coughing and buy stock in Visine and Benadryl.
Ever since President Obama’s quest for a hypoallergenic dog to become part of the White House family due to his daughter’s dog allergies, the amount of pet owners seeking “hypoallergenic” dog breeds has about skyrocketed.  While no dog is purely hypoallergenic, certain breeds have more predictable and consistent non-shedding coats.  Typically a dog sheds its skin every 3-4 days while some breeds shed their skin every 21 days.  Dogs that do not shed much or as often have shown to produce less dander, which makes them more tolerable for those with allergies.
Below are ten dog breeds that are best for dog lovers suffering from allergies.  These breeds may ease the sneezing, itchy eyes and other allergic reactions to man’s best friend:

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