Top 10 Weirdest Hotels From Around The World

Sleep by itself can be boring; that’s why when you “sleep with someone,” you never just sleep with them.  When you stay at a hotel, that’s really all you need, but it’s never what you want (by itself anyway).  You expect room service, complimentary breakfast, and little soaps and shampoo bottles.  You are paying, in essence, for an experience that is restful more than just rest itself.
For some hotels, the “experience” isn’t limited to just feelings of restfulness; try awe-struck, amused, bewildered, even frightened.  These hotels have uncapped new realms of possibilities, ones that demand attention even if they don’t demand serious business.  Here are ten unusual hotels that will keep you up at night reassessing your preconceptions about this so-called business of “restfulness”.

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