Unbelievable Marvelous Lilacs in Bloom

Typically, lilacs bloom in early May, but this year in many cities it started blooming two weeks earlier because spring has come rather abruptly, and once marked by high temperatures. Delicate scent of lilacs and lush colors have long been the symbol of the awakening nature and start of really warm season.
Here you will find a selection of a few dozen shots, considering with a good imagination, you can even feel the delicate aroma of lilacs, familiar from childhood.
One day, while walking through the woods, the god of woods and fields – Pan has a goat legs, horns and a beard, he saw a beautiful young nymph, a gentle messenger of dawn, by the name of Syrinx. he was Fascinated by her grace, elegance and beauty, Pan wanted to conclude the girl in his arms, but when she saw him, she was frightened and began to run aimlessly. Pan chased her, and when almost caught her, she suddenly turned into a beautiful plant with fragrant flowers. then The god of forest villages near the bush and began to cry. As a consolation, he cut a twig from a bush and made a flute out of it. And since then he walks through the fields and meadows, playing a beautiful melody on his flute, and only did good things on his path , and the sound of this wonderful flute make you forget all the troubles. On behalf of the beautiful Syrinx, lilacs named.

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