Travel Made Me Who I Am Today

I was only 22 years old with the burden of an unfinished college, a new boyfriend, and no plans for the future. Being born and raised in a communist country has endowed me with a humble attitude, but never with the chance of crossing the border, although that didn’t seem to bother me.
For a simple girl growing-up in a small town where everybody knew everybody, there weren’t so many possibilities out there. I had big dreams, but most of them were limited to a successful career, a beautiful house with swimming pool, and an enviable wardrobe.
Then one day it all changed.  I came up with this crazy idea of visiting Ibiza. I barely knew it was an island in Spain, but I had been told it was a heaven for fun. I don’t know if I was drawn in by the island’s fame or by the fact that my new boyfriend’s dream was to get there, but I remember that once I proposed the idea to him, he agreed, so we started to develop a plan.
Our enthusiasm made the plan a reality in less than a week. Everything was set up: an apartment waiting for us in Ibiza, a couple willing to take part in this adventure, and a piggy bank waiting to be broken! We were prepared for the incredible road trip meant to take us to the island that never sleeps

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