Loughcrew - Sliabh na Caillí

Sliabh na Cailleach, or the Mountains of the Witch as Loughcrew was known in the past, lies west of the town of Kells and south of Oldcastle in west Co. Meath, a strange and ancient piece of territory. Stretching in a chain over four tall peaks which spread out across 4 kilometers in an east/west chain, the area is littered with monuments from all eras. This has to be one of the most beautiful and powerful sites in Ireland. The neolithic chambered cairns are the oldest monuments, and along with Carrowkeel 75 km away in Sligo, is the best example of a stone age landscape remaining in Ireland. The landscape is gentle and female: rolling hills and soft contours, with fabulous views from the neolithic monuments. A map on the next page shows the main monuments, but check Google Earth or the Ordinance Survey site for more detail. The top of each summit is capped by a group of chambered cairns, originaly at least 40 to 50 monuments, though some say up to a hundred.

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