Living Trees Grow Inside Mansion's Oval Atrium

seoul-based architecture firm, planning korea, has revealed 'the oval', the last of their six maison-style condo designs for jeju airest city-berjaya jeju.
the concluding piece to this leisure development takes on the challenge of making the resident aware of the four seasons, experiencing them inside and out.
characterized by an oval-shaped atrium around which the rooms are organized, the house is infiltrated by the nature of the surrounding gotjawal forest.
trees planted in this central garden and on the upper terrace are visible from almost everywhere in the house. they frame views, while layering cultivated plants
over the UNESCO world heritage site. extensive glass walls open the living areas completely to views of the ocean, and natural surroundings.
in contrast, bedrooms are more private with limited views to the outdoors, and the master suite is isolated on the first floo

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